Monday, February 6, 2023

staying oriented by the better sense of Our humanity

It’s not that my sense is “the” better sense because it’s basically mine. Rather, prospecting all manner of issues for decades results in—has derived—a “simple” sense of Our humanity which seems better than any other sense I’ve found—which I assert here in hope that—inasmuch as I’m misguided—senses better than mine will come my way!

To be brief, I’ll divide my supposedly better sense into three modes: global, discursive, and life cyclic; and simply allude to how they differ.

A global sense was expressed to President Biden last month (as if, you know), which I turned into a Web page with added comment: “for wholly flourishing humanity.” That was supplemented by a comment last night at Tom Friedman’s recent column about the Ukraine war.

A discursive sense is expressed by two recent comments at the Times in praise of the integral place of humanities in better lives, which I generalize to a sense of university leadership, which I expressed here in 2021.

A life cyclic sense is expressed by the inevitable singularity of enjoying my open horizon of conceptual prospecting, a tropical jetstream of appealing futurity of Our humanity, by gradually constellating manifold engagements—creative, analytical, and pragmatic—including better understanding genuine relatability, individuation of authentic happiness, enriching appreciability (i.e., ability to appreciate), “capturing” creativity as such (not possible, but the venture can be highly fruitful), venturing high-scale conceptions (pragmatically motivated), and learning through the Flow (the “process”) of it all.

I expect to elaborate the themes of that previous paragraph soon.