Saturday, October 24, 2015

let there be trust in sky blue

Friday, the United Nations General Assembly marked the 70th anniversary of the UN with a declaration reaffirming the faith of the 193 member states that the U.N. charter unites all member states “in diversity beyond our differences of language, culture or religion, today as 70 years ago.” Around the world, over 200 landmarks were lit in UN blue.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Interview of Habermas on philosophy’s missions

In a recent interview (Web and PDF), Habermas emphasizes the importance of individuation:
...Every...step in the process of the socialization of a person, as they grow up, is simultaneously a step towards individuation and becoming oneself....reason does not lose the transcendental power of spontaneously projecting world-disclosing horizons. This 'creative' power of imagination expresses itself in every hypothesis, in every interpretation, in every story with which we affirm our identity. In every action there is also an element of creation…