Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Habermas and religion

Habermas and Religion is an anthology of essays from a 2010 conference on this topic with a lengthy “Reply to My Critics” by Habermas at the end. Habermas’s reply is actually a rather systematic address of his views, rather than simply response to the essays.

The area of interest has been long running, both for Habermas and for readers of him, including myself. In a progressive and practical American spirit, I posted two long discussions earlier, one of which links at the end to the other discussion; so, I’ll link here just to the first: “‘Post-secularity’ as just modern humanism.”

This posting presently is basically a placeholder for further work on the topic. At this time, I hear, Habermas is working on an extensive treatise about the evolution of religion. So, I expect that future years will provide occasion to link to more from here.