Saturday, June 3, 2006

How to be democratic

Republicans (big R) dominate U.S. politics because they are more democratically organized than the Democrats. This is a reality also pertinent for progressives outside the U.S.

How can we facilitate corporate innovation
for local pollution control?

To: The New York Times Subject: What "incentives"?, re: editorial "Look to the States for Cleaner Air"


One would easily agree with you that "industry usually needs powerful incentives to make things happen," but what incentives are displayed in Governor Pataki's mercury control plan? The Pataki model is apparently the traditional statist challenge to industry to innovate in the face of fair regulation or leave the game, a virtue of liberalism, but no display of innovative incentivization. I want to see The New York Times give more focus to new ideas for incentivization for near-term local pollution problems.