Tuesday, March 1, 2022

better humanity through better being

This day, Our humane planet—the True humanity of Us—continues
an historic show of coordinated global response to the invasion
of Ukraine, whose men are fighting to death for their democracy.
Whatever the outcome, this March marks a milestone in Our decade.

Yet, anyone’s life transcends the world’s news of the day, even the era. Each Ukrainian suffers singularly and hopes singularly, as well as with family and with neighbors, all born of a life whose depth of promise and resilience preceded this crisis, and which will sustain recovery singularly, thus in solidarities, friendships, and intimacies.

Meanwhile, journalists are risking their lives to bring the story home
to tranquil readers and viewers by highlighting the tears and desperation of specific others there.

A singular life is so heartrending or inspiring because empathy is one with one. We who care want to find ourselves there being with them in spirit, which finds intimacy in friendship, friendship in solidarity, and solidarity in civil life.

May the best of humanity prevail.