Tuesday, August 11, 2015

intelligence of Earth

Relative to exoplanetary research, it’s appropriate to regard a life-bearing planet as a singularity. Our only example shows how intelligent life evolves into singularly caring for planetarity—Ours and Others, just as caring for other persons exemplifies the best of our humanity, which is always admired.

Relative to Our Anthropocenic condition, evolutionary engineering (in highly ethical senses) is how extinction level events are avoided, yet relative to designing how we are to flourish in Our evolving.

Relative to transnational Good (for the sake of Our evolving), global human development is a paramount value of economic health.

With “beings there?,” I implicitly (yet, to myself, overtly) beg the question of why development of intelligence would tend toward care, i.e., why “higher” intelligence is more caring than lower intelligence. I beg the question of what intelligence is, such that “higher” and “lower” makes ethical sense, i.e., that ethicality is intrinsic to what intelligence is (better intelligence). Why is better intelligence more caring, and why is more caring intrinsically better than less?

I love these questions. (But the e-mail to Dennis Overbye was spontaneous. My case is not at all made online yet—yet.)

So, when I cutely noted Habermas’ sharing of the Kluge Prize with Charles Taylor, by exclaiming “Intelligence of Earth,” I was implicitly expressing a love of emplacing issues of Our being with issues of our humanity.

This prefaces a project that will grow.