Friday, August 23, 2013

public health policy and philosophy

March 31, 2017: This was a placeholder for an anticipated discussion. Now, it’s archival. But the placeholder status remains valid, to be rewritten (or rather written) relative to the above title, as part of the “advancing community” area of (which will retain the present footer here and lose this present note).

August 2013:

I'll start by simply pointing to three old discussions of mine at my "discursive stances" page:

  • “Theory” and “Practice”
  • Policy: the concept
  • Well-being and Public Policy
Other old discussions on that page aren't directly relevant to this topic.

Next, I'll discuss the earlier-mentioned JAMA article in detail. That would be a beginning part of the "healthy regions…” Project (an approach to public policy generally). But I can't feel I'm reasonably ready to delve into all that without a sense of good as such, which can be regarded simply enough, but quickly involves complex conceptual issues deserving of appreciation—an integrity of complexity. So, what's to be done with "philosophy for good"? Philosophy for good—> public health as philosophical topic—> public policy generally (as philosophical venture).

[To be continued—really, yet to be begun.]

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