Friday, August 16, 2013

eating rice

We use a fork. I often think that chopsticks are more practical for some foods. But not for rice. However, I learned to eat rice at a good rate with chopsticks. 

In either case, one gets to the point where there are just a few cooked grains left on the plate or in the bowl. Should I eat them? This is difficult to do with a fork. (Some bread helps—or, if no one's looking: one's finger; better to leave the little buggers?) It's easier with chopsticks, if you value each grain.

It's also easier to value each grain with chopsticks.

Anyway, I eat the last grains. I do this because the scattered few little things remind me of a video I saw of a boney Asian woman at a train station platform, sitting on the pavement, bent over, picking up grains one by one and placing them in a bag, because she was so hungry that she sought the spillings left behind from an earlier loading of bushels.