Monday, December 6, 2004

the evolving Project:
being in perpetual “beta” version

The Project is about evolving as such—our evolutionarity; so, hopefully, being more than just a development of self-understanding. I want it be an ongoing study in how ‘evolving’ may apply to narrativity itself (especially as discursive inquiry).

If a subthemalogy were likened to a complex molecule, the Project is a self-formative “cellular” organon developing and reconstituting itself in light of whatever influence is found to be progressively important for its self-formativity. Of course, that presumes a best sense of ‘progressivity’, which I understand—in a phrase—as the most holistic sense of “the better way,” relative to all relevances, which the Project is to address fruitfully, i.e., in terms of wholly flourishing lives, neighborhoods, communities, and regions.

Such aspiration is not ultimately vanity if love of unanticipated insight prevails in the finding, while the finding stays True to its nature: Of whatever (readings, you). At best, the Project aspires to model an evolutionary process—innovation, adaptation, hybridization, etc.—through inquirial, creative, and discursive engagements, aspiring to be fruitfully exemplary in our cultural evolving.

I want you to see the Project evolving. Though this must not be largely a matter of seeing travel plans that aren’t carried through, like an interminable designing that’s never built. But open-ended prospectivity is essential to any endeavor that hopes to do something truly new that may be fruitful and durable. Such prospectivity is integral to the self-formativity of the Project, which expresses hope for originality (not mere artistic expression, let alone idiosyncrasy).