preface to historical forgetting

November 5, 2020
From recent home page updates:

October 24
I ddn’t want to share past comments often because the orange-faced golf club king (as I often labeled him in comments) deserves to be forgotten beyond speaking ephemerally against his phony marketing business. But I share comments sometimes. Here’s another recent one:
During the Trump years, I’ve found more appalling than Trump that so many “Americans” support him. America is that much an unschooled nation, open to primitivist appeals. 

After so many decades of education reform—such a commitment to repairing “A Nation at Risk” during the Reagan years; so much commitment to educational excellence through Democratic administrations—still, this is the America we are: Trump remains competitive, even as he loses. It’s a shameful, saddening, even tragic reality 
of being American. [full comment]
[There have been] hundreds [of comments] during the Trump Show, implicitly generating a journal of how authoritarian appeal failed—how our democratic system shows resilience. 

At the end of last night’s debate, I felt I knew him too well. Good riddance, ugly American.

comment by me at the Washington Post: “Trump may be running the sleaziest presidential campaign ever.”

Thank goodness we were able to preserve sanity.

October 25
On forgetting a failed brand: my comment at dear Maureen Dowd’s obituary “King Kong Trump, Losing His Grip.”

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