Forget the orange-faced huckster

November 4, 2020

Like a late-night infomercial hawker who trades in outrageousness, Trump was all brand and no product. All he wanted was aggrandizement. He got awarded the White House because his dark money engineers knew he could be used. So, the salesman who had no intent to actually win (rather, just to greatly fluff his brand) winged it all cluelessly.

“If we strain to explain the Trumpist phenomenon, we perversely continue to make him the center of attention,” I noted at Maureen Dowd’s recent article.

Clearly, Trump’s occupation of the Office of President was a mistake: “more pathetic than anything else,” according to General John Kelly, former Chief of Staff, “the most flawed person I have ever met in my life.”

So many persons who’ve been awarded the office of President have been rightly forgotten by American history. Now, the history of the American presidency has a blank spot for 2016 through 2020, because there was no president for America.

However, American government triumphed, as I also noted at Ms. Dowd’s article, “because he failed to do much long-term harm. Even his stacking of judgeships with Federalists can be undone by a Democratic Congress’s legislative intelligence that overrides confederate (states' rights) policies.” No Democratic Senate yet? The point is that, in principle, The System works, if education in Red states can be advanced. “The harm is still reversible,” notes Tom Friedman. “America Will Save America,” writes political theorist Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Donnie has been contained. A teen-aged mind, who admires Hitler can now whine all he wants about fraud. Trump never really was.