Tuesday, April 15, 2014

environmental engineering

commitment to excellent policy tools can work

"As world leaders head to the UN Climate Summit in September, what's critical can't wait for theorists to create populist mandates. What we need is effective leadership."

"The IPCC makes crystal clear that time is of the essence.... That sense of urgency was shared by finance ministers who met with the leaders of the World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, and United Nations at the World Bank on April 11:
The ministers didn't quibble about the science – they talked about....policy tools they could use to ramp up their low-carbon growth, and the help they need investing in their resilience....

Often, policies that bring emissions reduction benefits also bring other more tangible benefits.....Take transportation: improving vehicle standards and investing in and increasing the use of public transportation reduces outdoor air pollution that contributes to asthma, heart disease, lung cancer, and 3.7 million deaths a year – and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.....

We are encouraging countries and companies to join a growing coalition of first movers....There are jobs to be created here....allow cities access to investment funds....follow Africa's lead and join us to work on goals for enhancing agricultural productivity and nutrition...

We are challenging governments and oil companies, national and independent, to join industry leaders....If public policy can send clear, predictable signals...and build regulatory certainty, investors will follow. This is critical.

For example, the lift-off of the green bond market is impressive; and credit goes especially to the corporate green bond issuers who are expanding the investor base for green assets."

"That's just a start, but it can have material impact – and it is doable."

"The latest IPCC report also tells us that the later you start to address the climate challenge, the more you must rely on untested technology, and costs go up.”
Now that the Paris Agreement of 2016 has happened, there's more reason than ever for commitment to holistic sustainability: UN Sustainability Goals