Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Icarus swims

Human rights, parenting, ecopolitics—how does it all fit together?—you don’t much wonder. (Who has the time? And Why?)

The conditions of humanistic flourishing are manifold, to say the least. The nature of human futurity is vastly elusive—but a discursive luxury, you might think.

The ultimate singularity of planetary life “with” the increasing hyperintegration of humanity is a brute fact in a vacuum, astronauts so dramatize. Either a cohering of it all emerges (since life requires enough homeostasis), with humanity coping with The Given (as the Earth goes its own way). Or the cohering must be engineered—and not quietistically (i.e., not conservatively)—for the sake of broadening our flourishing and for sustaining the irreplaceable regions of Earth’s Givingness that are still flourishing, such as rainforests.

I believe that the whole scale of our planetary existence, down to (up to? into) the ostensible, lived level, can be made coherent, purposefully and constructively—can be explicated progressively and practically (or pragmatically—realistically and idealistically).

In service to that, discursive inquiry is worthwhile, just as the university is more than an administrated network of professional schools. We belong to a living well of intelligent life—evolving, historical, and exemplified in leading lives—through which prospects for constructive humanistic union, for richly flourishing widely—“evolving” in an active sense (evolving ourselves, democratically governing our evolution)—are kept realistically alive and properly ambitious.

Anticipating discursive inquiry into Our Singularity (in much detail, by the way—no romanticist garden of rhetorical well-formedness), I live a sense of holism that’s delightful to me—inspiring, thus durably motivating, an elating pleasure of mind—a veritable eros of our evolving. Our Gaic, hyperintegrating singularity is a thrilling wonder. Wanting to make time for detailing and advancing my sense of this, our Perpetual Project, feels like the ecstatic kid I commonly was and, so, remain.