Friday, November 5, 2004

Democrat in a place on Earth

The Earth is becoming a lattice of metropolia with often more in common with other metropoles than with the general region of towns (let alone rurality) “nearby” the metropole.

This condition is largely one of large regions being centrally oriented by the metropole, as the Earth “reverts” progressively to global city-states: state of London, Parisia, Berlinstaat, Tokyowhatever, Beijing, etc. Cosmopoly, such as it may be, belongs to the lattice of city states.

Metropoles in America now face a big problem of understanding what just happened to them, and there’s no shortage of commentary on it. If you’re outside America, you might wonder: What’s really going on? Though there’s no singular answer, Thomas Frank has as good a short explanation as you’re likely to find. He has the “real” explanation.